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Kitty Kat

I know the ending to the books and the author said the tv series would be a bit different from the books. In the books "A" is really Ali and its her twin sister Courtney that is dead. My theroy for the series is that Ali is really dead and "A" is her fraternal twin brother Caleb.

To me he is an obvious choice. First off he is hacker and can pretty much get in to any sort of technology. Just because he said he cant get in to Jenna's phone doesnt mean he didnt. He has broken in to the school....who's to say he didnt create this identity to become a legitimate student there...??? He could also easily harass the girls while thru there phones, e-mail, etc. without being blocked or traced......all the while becoming friends one with them. ives him a direct inside track. Hanna is the obviouis choice of friends because she has a low self image. Emily is bi, Aria has Ezra and Spencer would be too suspicious way too soon. 

Caleb says he has been living in the foster care system and his foster parents dont care as long as the checks keep coming in. Perfect sympathy story to gain Hanna's trust and maybe even a little old Bead Lady? He knew about Mrs. Potter's death and was able to quickly point out the nephew was a fraud just by his attnetion to detail.

An important observation is at the end of the fund raiser dance episode a mysterious person went to pick up a leather jacket.

He has the bad boy persona but he is very charismatic.

Mona is still a possibility but her mental capabilities do not even come close to the mind games being played here. I believe she is being given direction from a much more intelligent person. She would do anything to get on top of the popularity food chain. She seems to be very easily lead. Since he cant be everywher at once, who's to say Caleb isn't using her desperation to his advantage? 

I also think Jenna is getting text messages as well and thats why she acts the way she does.

This is just a theory. It makes sense to me......

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I actually like this theory :) But it would be a tad farfetched. I don't know if they're goin with the "twin" angle in the TV show.

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I think this is the most plausible theory I've heard so far about who A is

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Kitty Kat

Ok, well my thoughts on Caleb being "A" is kind of out the window so maybe he will end up being an asset IF he can make things right with Hanna and gain the other girls' trust.

Still think Jenna's strings are being pulled by someone and that she is getting text messages too. Her being "A" is just too obvious.....

My thoughts on Mona remain the same......

I don't think Ian is "A" but he is self serving and just plain wicked.....

Any thoughts?

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that seems the most likely actually. i do think jenna is also getting texts from A and thats maybe why she wanted to know information on hanna so she can find out if she is the one blackmailing her.

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jenna will be the first to die obv

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andrea wilson

i love caleb and hanna being together so i clearly dont think hes A and if he was, he quit remember? he quit because he loves hanna sooo much and i think she needs to forgive him already and for the rest of them i still think ian is crazy but may not be A it's quite possible for A to be mona or jenna or both but we wont no till the end. i like spencer being with toby cavanaugh theyre sooo cute together and aria and azra are just too cute i love it i mean who says age matters? especially if no one knows i wish aria would tell her parents about it though and i wish they would be ok with it. as for emily idk cause paige is pissin me off right now. but with all this drama im suprised they have time for boys. my favorite is definetly caleb and azra..OMG did you see caleb shirtless i tottaly died like my ghost had to call 911                                                  I LOVE YOU CALEB I TOTALY HOPE YOU AND HANNAH STAY TOGETHER THROUGH EVERYTHING AND I REALLY HOPE YOUR NOT A



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hanna and caleb are guna be back together soon i hope

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