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have any of you seen the 2x15 canadian promo?!

if not: here it is here -> http://theressomethingbouttheway.tumblr.com/post/15253520578/canadian-promo


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:o really lucas really we could have had nice things
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my poor lunna heart will soon be shattered I know it
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He had to minimize that website when Hanna said "what's that" omg I dunno about him
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omg bby i overslept, i watched the premiere almost a day after :(

i got your pms but i was asleep

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here's a better one

but I am feeling this is a mislead to convince lucas as A

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I think in the next episode they find out that the cellphone belongs to Lucas and he has been an accomplice of "A"? Hey at least, my theory is half-correct! Lucas is "A", sort of!

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I always thought Lucas was "A" or at least one of them if there is more than one.

But this episode makes it look really obvious that he is, which makes me think he's not.

But I think this episode will just be about him being really jealous and obsessive about Hanna & Caleb.

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^ I totally agree with you! But if he would be A, he's not the only one 'cause I don't think it will come out this season who A is because there will be a s3...

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