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Ok I have a question about Spencer and Toby as a couple: why do you all love this couple?

I've never actually liked the couple for some reason- I'm not trying to be rude or anything, im just really curious on why you guys like the couple

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i think they're just so adorable, and she's like the only good thing in his life i guess.

and don't worry, you're not being rude.

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I like them because they happened out fo nowhere (kind of like Tyler and Caroline in TVD). He's been through so much and so has she so they make the perfect 'outsider couple' and I hope they last for a long time :)



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At first I was just like what??? But I feel like them as a couple made them both better people, cliched but good result of a solid relationship. Toby just sort of creeped me out before, but then his relationship with Spencer made me see this whole other side to him, and Spencer softened up a little and became a little less judgemental. Yeah I am a huge shipper of them XD

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becauser they both have such hard lives and they help each other :')

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They were both so alike and viewers never even noticed that until they formed chemistry

Spencer was hating on him more than any of the girls, Hanna and Aria were really just cheerleaders, they didn't constantly repeat how guilty he looked and how suspicious he seemed.

He creeped me out but I knew he was never guilty of anything, because with shows like these the first creepy person you see on the front porch is so not the killer, that would be way too obvious and boring. Scooby Doo movies do this alot. Spencer is totally PLL's Velma, because despite being the smartest she always ends up getting punk'd or pulling off the wrong mask

The biggest thing is, we never expected anyone beyond Emily to form a friendship with Toby. And I know others only liked him until after bonding with Spencer, but I've always liked Toby. Plus Catcher in the Rye is MY BOOK and once I saw him reading it in the grill I was like OHHHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT<3

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Oh wow- all the posts were really informing! I understand the Toby/Spencer (Soby? Tencer?) relationship a lot better know :)

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it's Spoby.

Tencer sounds funny lmao

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