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Discuss the "Can You Hear Me Now?" Episode from Season 1 here.

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The one thing that REALLY annoyed me about this episode was that I absolutely hated the girl they picked for Kate. She's supposed to be perfect, and I guess they left out the part where Ali and Hanna have previously met her. Somehow...I just don't think she fits as Kate. Or at least, not how I imagined her.

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i loved this episod! starting to feel the Desperate housewives mood here. THe stakes were raised this episode. Relationships were tested,  frienships were formed and things got more interesting as A tormented the girls in more creative ways.

Spencer:I love this chick, trying so hard to do the right thing but always ends up effing it up anyways.  The whole wren situation had me in tears because they couldnt be together, i wished he couldve stayed longer, he really seems to genuinely care about her. I just hope they had more time.Cant wait to see where the stolen story storyline goes. 

Aria: Let me say this, i absolutely loved the interation between the two. Aria had no right getting pissed over what Erza said when he was right about her parents. But then he had no right attacking her in class(and that poor boy), and he was dead wrong about to kill a mockingbird. In my eyes both parties were wrong so i gave up on these two..for about two minutes. Then they had that cute make up scene in his apartment and i forgave the two.

Hanna:Dont give a crap about her storyline, she is the most boring character on the show. I swear if she doesnt become a takeoff by the end of the season, im taking her off my list of Up and Coming Stars to Look Out FOr,

Emily:Surprisingly after that whole maya thng ended, i stopped hatingher character(sad but true) too rushed of a storyline for me to handle. Loved the interation between toby and Emily(yep im a tobily fan now!)

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ok here's what I think..Toby is more of a loser than a creep..well that's a tie actually! ut his mysteriousness is what makes him interesting! And if Emily is bi..i like the idea of her and toby together! But there's so much we don't know about Toby..secrets and lies..and where  was jenna in this episode? and why is A ruining their lives by creeping them out? :s

Mr Fitz and Ezra: I lol'd at the bicycle thing ..it was a good attempt for a conv NOT but i like them together..how about we see them making out and getting to thenext level? I know I know we're still on ep 5 but seriously I'm addicted to this show! I wish I could write reviews on tis site - I  TOTALLY WOULD :D

Hannah: I adore that girl! She's so pretty and bitchy at the same time! you have to love her :) I don't like her new step sister ugh so annoying!

Spencer: this is probably my le ast fav character because I find her somewhat plain and boring..minus the whole wren thing! that's hot

Emily and Maya? Hmm I'm not sure I w ant to se the Vampire Diaries actress work as a bi kissing pretty Emily..I prefer them as friends and I think something's  up..she knows more than she lets on!


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Kate looked a little bit tranny and so did her mother lol...



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If Kate is Hannah's dad stepdaughter lol.. I don't remember the names

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