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Discuss the "Monsters in the End" Episode from Season 1 here.

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Kaylee Elizabeth Shepard
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who was the guy that was behind the freaky clowns when they were in the cafe i missed it!

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it was garett watch the first bit online if you missed it?

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The part where Spencer walks up to Toby and kisses him like she doesn't care that her family is watching and completely against it, that was so cool and cute! Definitely the best part of the episode -- or cutest part at least! =D

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How I wish Hanna read Caleb's letter or Mona told her about it or even if she did not know about the letter, she would have stopped Caleb from getting in the bus. I wish a lot.=D


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i know! but in a clip hanna's mum asks what the letter said and hanna was all '...what letter:S:S' mona's dropped herself in that one.

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