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Discuss the "There's No Place Like Homecoming" Episode from Season 1 here.

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I'm confuseed where the writers are heading with this show. The books are all about the real Alison being alive, stalking the girls disguised as a beggar (which weirdly enough reminds me of Shakespeare's King Lear haha). Moreover, some dude called Ian kills Alison's psycho twin sister or something of the sort! Well I don't mean to spoil the story but it's a combination of lame and confusion mixed together! I think the show is pretty good..Perphaps it lacks some more intertwining of storylines..but nevertheless it's good especially because this is the first season!

Either way I'm CRAVING for more episodes..ASAP :D

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i love this show it gets better and better each episode sense the first episode i couldnt wait tell the next!!!! <3333  :DD



this is the best show ever my #1 tops of all the shows i have seen from disney, nick, cartoon, mtv, tbs, tlc. and many more!!!!!!!!! :))

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All i know right now iz on ep:6 Hanna is gonna try to get her hands on the visualy impared girl file. N cuz Hanna know that Emily is into girls she trys to stick up 4 emily n trys to comfort her. N the girl that's in love wit the teacher is gonna get him mad for flirting with another guy. N that girl at first it moping arould cuz she didn't want to go to the prom. Spencer is gonna go with the tenis guy, he almost didn't show. O n also Emily ends up in the hospital cuz some1 was tryin to get her. Hope it helped:)
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I'm actually kinda excited for this episode because there was a whole spread about it in a magazine I was reading. It looked awesome :P

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I was so confused about the ending of this episode!!!! Is Toby really the killer?? 


Good episode though :)

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I was so confused about the ending of this episode!!!!

Same, i was like wtf i dont understand. And i dont understand the whole Jenna/Toby thing like they slept together? i'm confused about that i dont even know if i heard that correcctly or not cuz i was doing something else while watching the episode but yeah.

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i think i know what happened at the end when the population number was changed... right when emily fell and it shows jenna behind the mirrors.. im pretty sure jenna helps emily and kills toby.. there is no way that emily dies..espically this soon

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EMILY DOESN'T DIE! she's one of the main characters.


For me, the number at the end signifies "Alison" being dead. 

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i think toby or emily is going to die.. we know that its not supposed to be emily so it'll be toby.. i wished she had listened to him instead of running away!!

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