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Discuss the "My Name Is Trouble" Episode from Season 2 here.

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anyone wonder y Aria spencer and Hanna r all coming out of the stalls at the same time

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Because they plan to meet up with eachother there because they cant anywhere else...

I just watched "My name is trouble". I feel like every episode is getting to be the exact same thing over and over again. I want answers to at least something. 

Now Wren is back in the picture too? Didn't he tell Spencer he fell for the "wrong sister"? IDK but Im glad her and Toby have just told eachother they love one another. So cute. 

As for Hanna, I am glad Caleb is gonna be back in the picture. She should just be super cautious. And I hope her parents get back together. That is a divorce-kid's dream! 

I also cannot believe A is sending Emily Danby University stuff. Thats so messed up. Cause now her parents expect her to get a scholarship and have already been accepted to Danby. 

I just watched a preview of "blind dates" where Aria talking to Jason DeLaurentis. And he is buttering her up saying he misses her pink hair and thought she was cool and what not. Aria, if you get involved with him I will jump into my tv and beat you. I think Jackie is going to come into play regarding "Ezria". 

Also: does anyone else think that maybe Wren is the ACTUAL father of Melisa's baby? IDK just going out on a limb with that one. but it may be a possibility. Would definitely add some more awesome drama. 

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