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I love the new Mona! XD

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impressive trailer.




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Ugh I need to bookmark this
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holy crap i didn't think i'd be this excited

less than a month!

and mona is flawless :')

i also really enjoy aria and hanna's new hair

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worst part of the trailer though? all the ezria. nobody cares.

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yeah that was just gross

no jason though :(

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Other than that, looks EPEEECCC. But no Jason/Jaria wtf? :(((((

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please that prostitot lip sucking nymphette doesn't deserve Jason

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when Marlene said said Season 3 is only the beginning, you can tell from this trailer she knows what she's talking about. Things are about to get pretty fuckin crazy.

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when they kill off ezra, my life will be good again:)

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