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Strengthen investigation tube , vigorous enforcement . Establish and improve the law against illegal sand mining working mechanism to crack down on illegal sand mining , illegal transportation of sand ( Barge), and other acts of violence against the law,<a href="http://www.robocrushers.com/faq/small-scale-gold-mining-equipment.html">Gold Mining Equipment</a>, especially the long cotton dike waters , the waters of the East China shipping industry as a priority, to eliminate interference sand illegal behavior. Sand mining boat parked on the implementation of centralized management , the offender may not leave centralized parking spots , blocking the illegal source of sand and gravel from the source . Resolutely banned combat operations along the gravel stop illegal behavior . On the road in the gravel roads on transport vehicles for non-compliance checks against illegal sources unloading gravel , sand and gravel in the river is prohibited stacked firmly block the illegal sand and gravel into the market. While an additional supply of gravel distribution center , along the gravel stop all into distribution centers, unified management, scientifically determine gravel price guarantee market supply gravel .

Clear object , the focus of remediation . Clear focus on key areas of remediation and object hit , centralized leadership , centralized personnel concentrate on "playing , blocking" special rectification actions. Departmental interaction , land and water linkage, according to strict, fast punishable by law required to combat illegal activities involving sand,<a href="http://www.robocrushers.com/faq/jaw-crusher-manufacturers-in-india.html">jaw crusher manufacturers</a> , sand punish criminals involved in a number of banned group of illegal business gravel pits, sand implement centralized boat dock management, standardize Aggregate market order , and resolutely curb the illegal activities involving sand .

Long-term mechanism , steadily. Comprehensive improvement of the functional departments set up a joint inspection team organized by the Office group , the implementation of the tasks carried out , looking back, to ensure that the work carried out . In accordance with the comprehensive improvement of the key elements identified in the work program , check the Yangtze waters against illegal sand mining , illegal gravel pits straighten , standardize market order urban gravel , sand and transform the distribution center started to prohibit the illegal transport of sand and other working conditions . Found on the Working Time rectification and rectification requirements, to take effective measures to rectify them. For work experience and good practice to summarize and organize transformed into regulations and management measures , the establishment of long-term mechanism , steadily unified management of the Yangtze river sand .

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