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O.k so in the second episode, Emily invited Maya over her house to sleepover. What caught me off gaurd was that Maya was asking questions about Emily's relationship with Ally. She  then looks at Emily's picture frame and says "Ally was always in the middle. The center of attention." THEN she changes the subject and says, "Do you have a side of the bed?" Where did that come from? Why was Maya trying to find out about Allison? She didn't even know her! Also if you watched the many flashbacks the four girls had on the show, you'd realize that Ally had the same exact relationship with Emily as Maya! I think Maya is trying to get rid of Ally. If you agree, comment below!!!!HMMMMMM....I WONDER...:)

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the coloring of your font is really hard to read. but i think maya is annoying too. maybe she sounds suspicious because she's so annoying. i don't know. i really just don't like her

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maya is not suspious at all. She was asking questions about allison because she wanted to know the true relationship between her and emily because she wanted to if emily was a lesbian or bi-sexual, UH DUH. She obviously liked emily.
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Maya is annoying.I hate her character.

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u know i kinda thought maya was suspicious at first .. even when they took that picture at the party and emily was freaking out when she couldnt find it .. maya was so calm about it.. but after a while i thought maya was sweet i hope they stay together

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i like Maya but she's one of my suspects. the day "A" started texting is the same day Maya moved into town.

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I don't really like Maya either but I don't think she's "A". I feel like she couldn't care less about the other girls because she's so focused on Emily. Although if she is "A", I think it's possible that she found something in Alison's room cause that's probably the only way she can know all those things about the girls.

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