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1. A is NOT Ian (too obvious) they show have anncounced its someon unexpected

2. A is NOT Mona- It is in the books but the show have made it clear the show is going a different direction.

3. A is NOT Melissa (again too obvious)- When Spencer had Melissa phone A was still sending her texts.

4. A maybe Lucas- He has the same computer as A, and they camera always shows him looking guilty

5. A maybe Jenna, people think she is too obvious but she did have the line "they'll never know what we did" when she was with Garret.

6. A is more than one person, so a combined group, maybe the boyfriends of three of the girls? Or maybe Maya- maya lives in alisons house and found all her old stuff (-diary?)

7. A was trying to trick the girls she was Alison, BUT in the books Alison has a twin sister who was mad. The show has not hinted anything of this.

8. A maybe Jason- from the spooky photos of Aria and him telling Aria he cant remember the night. 

9. A few people think they killed alison- Ian said "she fell and hit her head" but Jason "cant remember the night"

10. In the promo for the new series they say "someone will go missing" and "someone will die"  in the clips and pictures of the next episode Hannah does not appear in many. We also see Emily fighting Spencer?? We also see Aria picking a converse shoe out of the water? Who wears converse shoes???

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1. A probably isnt Ian your right, but he could have participated in some way? 

2. A isnt mona, shes feckin hilarious i so hope its not her

3. i dont remember her having melissas phone? did she not have ians phone, anyways i probably just forgot about that :L. 

4. lucas is just too cute to be A, out of question.

5. Jenna's 'blind' itd be so so so hard for her to be A alone

6. cant agree more with this, no way could A do all that alone

7. the show has hinted alot to this (watch 2x13 again), plus in the braille it could have been '214' or '2AD' which could stand for 2 alison dilaurentis? just a thought..


9. whoever killed alison did a good job at covering it up, since they didnt find her for a whole year and they still havent caught the killer

10. its already been confirmed that lucas will be the one to go missing </3 plus i looked on photos and spencers stood outside a hospital room that says 'T Cavanagh' or something, so hes definately in trouble :(. oh and the girls decide to tell caleb about A in order for him to help them find out who it is; although hanna doesnt want him to get involved...

11. stop being a stranger and please just make an account here, were fun! :) 

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"7. A was trying to trick the girls she was Alison, BUT in the books Alison has a twin sister who was mad. The show has not hinted anything of this."

What about the Halloween episode? Alison told a scary story about two twin sisters...

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Okay how is Lucas out of the question? He looked semi angry when the therapist spoke at the school, the fact that he goes missing increases the suspicion, remember when Anne went missing? Turned out she was with A. And let's not forget the Halloween special, not only was he one of the creepy costumes running around but, "someday shell get what's coming to her" If he isn't A then it's still possible he is part of it all. Jason is also another too obvious suspicion, and for me, anyone that Spencer declares to be 100 percent "A" (Toby,Ian, Jason) I don't believe it.
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it was a joke :L i was just implying that he was too cute to be A.

i know he could be A, but hes just so cute and aw. but he is really suspicious i know what you mean, but from his point of view (if he isnt A) when the therapist spoke she could have just been talking about general bullies; which could have brought back memories ect... 

Jason just seems like hes trying to get answers aswell, since it was his sister that went missing he must be abit curious. 

oh and you forgot she thought it was definately noel aswell... 


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Hanna seemed more bent on believing it was Noel and she kept even calling Noel A lol, Ian Toby and Jason she practically obsessed about busting them But yeah Lucas is adorbz
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She as in Spencer
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to be fair though, if i was in their situation id look for someone to blame. dont know how they can even trust their boyfriends...

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