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I can say that I was not too proud of this episode. It was good but it was not what I was expecting. I actually liked Jenna lady gaga outfit better than Alison and I wonder did Mona and Jenna become friends. It looks like they probably will go with the twin storyline. It was nice to see everybody in past time and safe to say that Ezra is only five years older than Aria which will make him 23 to Jason 22. I wanted to see the Alison/Jason bickering we always see but we needed to know that they can get alone at times. Is the girls going to be put in jail for a day in the next episode in January? What are your thoughts of the episode?

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I also think that Spencer won the vote on her own but Alison wants to take credit for everything.

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I suspected that Spencer won on her own, too. This episode really made me dislike Allison even more. Mona, Jenna, and Lucas I think all may be playing a role as "A." Also, has it ever been mentioned in any previous episode what type of "movie" Jason and his friends were making?

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Yeah, they was the one filming the girls.

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I totally agree with you dande, it wasn't as great as I thought it would be but to be honest I wasnt surprised since even the promo's looked overhyped for me.


IMO I did not care for either Lady G outfits, but as a person who was obessed with Lady G when she was new (dont like her much anymore) I would have never known Ali was even Lady G unless it was mentioned. Jenna's costume was one of LG's iconic outfits but I didn't recognize Ali's at all. The thing that made Jenna the better Lady G was that her face and makeup just totally worked with it.

Mona was confusing, she tried to fit in with the group, gave a rawrrr to Ali and then says that she doesn't care what Ali thinks. Um okay so much for following ali and aria just a day ago. Nerd Mona was cute though, and it sorta makes me ship/friend-ship mona lucas now :)


Yeah the story she was telling was too symbolic of the books since in the books one of the twins goes to a crazy house (which I think was Ali?) But the story became irrelevant after 3 minutes so I don't know if it's gonna be revised.


I havent seen that promo yet but omg I saw gifs :( but hey notice how jenna and officer darren were talking and then they even sorta looked like they were leaving together. darren used to be nice!!


Also Ali finally finallyyyyyyyyyy threatened and blackmailed Aria, we have only ever seen her do it to the other 3.









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Yeah, I dislike the episode too.

They keep saying it's gonna be the scariest, but I yawn at that scene in the empty house. Seriously, are they trying to scare off 5-10 years old kids? I will be horrified if they will even be scared.

But some good points:

1. Aria's bumping into Ezra. Squeal!2. Hanna as Fat Britney!

3. Nerdy Mona is awesome, so is Catwoman-Mona!


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yeah the episodes was definitely overhyped

but all the aria/noel moments omg they need to get back together (post-jaria)

ali's such a bitch i don't even know why they were ever friends with her

and those masks were damn creepy :c and there were so many of them

and what she did to the 4 at the empty haunted house whatever was damn scary, i would probably never forgive my friend if he/she did that to me.

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i was so excited for this episode, but it definately didnt live up to my expectations. 

i loved alison, it was great to see her before she died.

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huh. I loved it! Maybe its just cause I'm a sucker for flashbacks. And now I love Alison Dilaurentis, like a lot. This ep wasn't really about the ships, more about connections.


Things I wanna point out:

Jason And Ali had kindofa cordial relationship. He said "Gimme 20 bucks and I'm buying the beer tonight" which would imply that the two share beer they buy, keeping it a secret from their parents. Idk, I like it. And how Ali gave a dry chuckle when he said "now if I told you that I'd have to kill you" Lol Emily, Alison, Jenna and Mona. From Emily and Jenna blatantly eye-fucking and Mona seductively meowing at Alison I don't even know how people can say Emily had no options back then. Also, Jenna was really interesting. She was like a new queen bee. It's implied that she hooked up with the Officer Wilden guy. Which, ew, but still. Interesting.

Im sure theres more but Ill think of it later.


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omg lol the emily/jenna thing, how did ben (?) not realise that.

the dolls were all really scary D:

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