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I'm writing this as I was the finale for the 3rd time. I have no social life:3

1. The girl in the red dress looks like Kate and it looks like shes watching Emily.

2. Another girl in a red dress, looks like they have Ali's hair.

3. 'its the last place I saw Ali alive' - Mona. Does this mean she saw Ali dead? 

4. It looks like Aria's texting Jenna, secret meeting? 

5. Am I just being stupid or does Jenna kiss Lucas?

6. Ezria sucks, like more than usual in their little romantic scene. Seriously guys? Going public by kissing in a dark corner of a school disco..ok then.

7. Theres no pictures in the bathroom of Mona's lair. Bitch is OCD. 

8. Kate lookalike is behind Emily, being a creepy bitch.

9. Looks like Mona's cut the eyes out of pictures of Ali to make masks, aw thats so cute.

10. At first when I saw the little doll versions of the girls I thought 'Aw look how small Aria's is, she only has half legs' Then I noticed the Aria doll was wearing a black hoodie type thing.. so I googled it and apparently loads of people have noticed it.

11. "I know their watching me, I dont look bad considering. I like this lipstick, whats it called? Toffee tango. They think its over, (starting to sound abit like Ali:S) loser Mona is going to the nut house and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Dont they know thats what we want?" I dont know if its because she has different personalitys or something, but she definately doesnt sound like herself towards the end of that monolog. 



14. Everyones assuming maya was murdered yeah? What if she just had an overdose? Or fell down the stairs? HOW DO WE KNOW ITS EVEN HER. 

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Now that you mention it then I am becoming to suspect Aria more.

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yessssss welcome to the A team biatch ;D

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Ezria is A bitches.

i still believe it.

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I wish lmfao
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I noticed that it is still better than GG.


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gosh it's so plausible though

but Marlene King along with more than 50% of the fandom is too in love with Ezria so she'd never take the risk

which saddens me to no end


and Tam nearly everything is better than GG right now

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the finale is leading me to believe aria is A and ezwahh is her little bitchboy

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Marlene seems to have tuned out on Ezria, she's such a fangirl to spoby though
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Aria can be "A",because every that shit has sterted after she came to Rosewood,but why she was getting text from "A",too?

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