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There's no way "A" could be Ezra. "A" might be Alison's brother Jason, Jenna, or even the creepy cop Jenna's in a relationship with.

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I think "A" are two persons... maybe Mona and the cop. I don't think that it's Ezra!

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Personally, if it's anybody I think it's someone who's not been in the episodes much, so you wouldn't expect it to be them or it's a group of people working together. I have a funny feeling it could be Mona.

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i really really reallllyyyy hope it'll be ezra! that would be the perfect A cause were not expecting it!!

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I think A is Aria's Brother. Isnt it strange how he would lie about playing basketball and stuff, and breaking into spencers and emilys house for camping gear and stuff? I think it could be him because hes been really low key the whole season

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I'm a new viewer (I'm at episode 16 so far), so maybe my guess isn't valid, but I think it might be Melissa. She has a motiv since Ian had a relationship/fling with Alison and Ian broke Melissa's heart (her own words). But maybe new guesses will turn up whenever I get to season 2 :)



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Personally I don't think Mike is -A. But seems like someone maybe blackmailing him to do these things, maybe -A. Something related to his parents I'm guessing.  

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at this stage.... I have no idea! idk it might b Ezra since it would b really shocking if it was (altho it wouldnt make much sense)

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I think Melissa and Ian are A! Because they both act so suspicious! And when Spencer told Melissa that Hanna was hit by a car, Melissa act SO fake! That moment i just knew Melissa is A! And Ian is A too! Ian is dead now but they still get messages from A and that's because Melissa is still alive! I think that at the end of season 3 or something Melissa will die too and then they won't get any messages from A anymore and then they know Melissa was A (:Oh and btw, A has to be someone who is in the show since season 1, so i don't think that that cop is A

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I don't think it is Ezra or Melissa. I don't think Jenna is A either but I think she is working with A.

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