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Well if you've been keeping up with PLL spoilers, hints, tweets etc you'd know that a beloved character is going to die at the end of this series! I think i'm right in presuming that this is definitely going to be 'A' related, but it doesn't necessarily mean that A is going to kill someone. Anyone got any ideas as to who is going to die?? I know Maya is missing but that seems way to obvious and there a lot of people that think that Maya could be 'A'. 

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e z r a

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Killing Ezra would be the only dramatic thing to happen to Aria. Just do it just fucking do it.

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but yes kill ezra please everytime i see him on my laptop screen i wanna punch it so hard

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omg bbies that was what im about to say

yeah ezwah should die rofl

garrett > ezwah

sorry i just had to say it rofl ugh fucking ezhwa was annoying last episode, i want A to fuck him over


well Flora bby if Aria would get really tortured and cry for our entertainment, it would be worth the lulz

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well at least Aria would actually get hurt finally

and yes i kinda like garrett tbh, even though he's a creeper

i also ship ashley marin/detective wilden don't judge me~

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you know wilden is pretty hot if he's not creepy


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Anyone but toby! Toby cant die. I hope they kill ezwah, just so we can see Aria cry some more.

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Anyone but toby! Toby cant die. I hope they kill ezwah, just so we can see Aria cry some more.

this ^^   rest assured bby, toby doesnt die I. Marlene Kiing Faps to him so much
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I know. But she also ships Ezria, so she wont have the balls to make him a woman and break all the hearts of the Ezria fangirls. 

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