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OMG I actually found out that the girl who plays Allison is 14! :O it's ok, but it's just so rare to see an actual teenager play in a tv show.

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@OliviaBass [Pretty Little Liars.]

Does anyone think Alison is pretty though ? She kinda looks like a doll. There's something that bugs me. Idk, i just don't think she's THAT pretty. I mean, Hanna is way prettier than her. They all are actually IMO.


I don't find her extremely beautiful. She should be the girl everyone admires but Aria, Emily, Hannah and maybe even Spencer are better looking. But I think it has to do with her being 14 years old in real life. She is not a woman yet, while the others are. She is cute for a 14 year old but I don't find her attractive. She'll probably grow to be a very good loking woman though.

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Emily IMO. Alison is really pretty, can't believe she's only 14. Hanna is pretty too, i don't like Spencer, and sometimes I find Aria really cute and sometimes not then much...

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Here is the order of who I tihnk is prettiest, 1 being the prettiest and 4 being the least pretty:

1) Aria

2) Emily

3) Hannah

4) Spencer

I just think Spencer looks wayyyyy to old!

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Aria is definatly the prettiest and then Hannah beause she's gorgeous and the Emily cuz she's also really pretty

Spencer is personally not on my list because i dont think she's very pretty at all, they could've done better on her character, look wise.

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They are all so pretty, but Aria is the prettiest. Emily, then Hanna and Spencer...

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ARIA!! I watched episode 6 yesterday and i'd have to go with Aria, she was very pretty at homecoming. Emily's dress was a piece of shyt!! but she is the 2nd prettiest. next is hannah, her hair is very pretty. spencer is very ugly.  

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I like Spencer, but she just looks to old. The first time I watched the episode I was confused cuz she looked so much older than everyone, especially Aria. Hanna and Aria are the prettiest I think.

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i LOVE spencer,

i mean i think theyre all gorgeous

but i think spencer really has like a classic beauty look

i think its like this: hannas duh beauty & arias unique look, emily natural look, spencer classic beauty

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