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I fuggin don't.

Jenna of course did not deserve what has happened to her, but neither did the girls (as we've seen in the mid finale)

I kind of want her to see and then I kind of don't

Maybe it's possible the surgery can work and then someone will throw another stink bomb at her looool

Also am I the only one who thinks Alison knew what the "stink bomb" was gonna do...I dunno

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I really don't! But I think she will have a succesful one and then just not tell anyone - not even Garrett. Right now, she might not be able to see, but she can use it as a poserful weapon later on.



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Like Hanna said, "She's scary enough with four senses." LOL. I hope she won't be able to see but the idea of her pretending to be blind is awesome.


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Idk I kinda hope she gets it done just because for once and for all everyone will know she can see. Idek at this point if she can already see or not. It keeps confusing me.

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