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Hi everyone!

I just watched the first episode of PLL - I know, I'm sooo behind, but I've heard great things about it and I've seen a few clips of Ezra and Aria who I adore, BUT! I wasn't totally hooked by the first episode. I must admit that I read some spoilers (not intentionally) because I searched some tv sites, but it still hasn't convinced me to keep watching, maybe it spoiled it for me.

So do you guys have any reasons why I should keep watching? I figure you all must love it since you're still here and the show must be great since it got another season on TV. Please write some reasons if you have good ones (and keep the spoilers to a minimal please!).


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Hi! Wow I haven't tlked 2 u on the TVD forum for ages!

PLL is a really good show- there is always something going on.... there is heaps of mystery 2 keep u interested in the show.... the storylines r great for the 4 girls (except for maybe Emily, and there is more stuff than just romance and stuff)..... The main characters are really amazing to watch- They really r very likable and they r really interesting....

I prefer TVD, but PLL is one of my fav shows- u shud totally watch it!

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you should definitely watch it ! i agree, the first episode wasn't really that great, but as the first season goes it, it definitely gets better :)

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*goes on

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@Delena4eva, I know! It's been ages :) I haven't been around lately because I think it has turne dinto a Buffy forum because of 'you know who' and I hate it! :( But thanks for replying! Now that I know you watch it, I'll definately be watching! :) But Emily's my fave (after Aria), so Iøm sad to hear about her storyline.

@patty, thanks heaps for the reply! Knowing that it gets better is worth giving it a shot for! :)


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Do the books say who A is?

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yes it does, but i'm pretty sure the tv show is not following the book.

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just watch up until episode 5, if your not hooked by then well you need to see a doctor:)

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@damonsucksmyworld oh yeah i feel that way too... Just give it time and u'll b totally hooked to PLL too!

Yeah the person(s) who is A in the books, isn't A on the show.... the PLL creators didn't want the ppl who haven't read the books to b able to find out who A is and they wanted the ppl who have read the books to actually watch the show so they changed who A is..

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Trust me you'll love it. This is the only show that really does satisfy my level of expectations. And yes the show isn't following the books 100%. I mean it somewhat does, but A is def not like in the books.

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