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Just started to rewatch from season 1 and we noticed that in episode three when the detective is interviewing Hanna at school he points to this random guy in the yearbook and asked if Allison ever spoke about him.

And then later at the party when Spencer sees Toby arrive at the party she then realises there is a creepy guy staring at her. Pretty sure that's the same guy, and then straight afterward Emily's photos are stolen.

Could A be some random guy who manages to get around without anyone remembering or recognising him? Do you guys remember seeing him or if he's mentioned in any other episodes?

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People say that the guy looking at Spencer is Ian (played by another actor), so that may not be A who starred at Spencer.

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I just started rewatching the Pilot lol. Will definitely get back about this when I reach Eps.3 :D

But all this time, I never realize they cast someone else as Ian at the Pilot :(

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I haven't either and at first I didn't see that guy looking at Spencer as Ian, but facts says that he appears in the pilot so it must be him...

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I actually can't remember "the first Ian" or that he was even exchanged... and Ashley Benson said that we saw A a few times in the last episodes... so I don't think it's some random person...

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Go to the "changed actors" thread, i just posted a video there with original Ian and Toby :)

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And I found out that the guy starring at Hanna at the party was most likely Toby though some people says otherwise :) Sorry if I've mislead anyone!

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Or maybe it was Spencer he was looking at at the party, I'm mixing everything up now, sorry!

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Ok so ur not te only one who noticed that guy! See i just started re watchin season 1 and i noticed that wen spencer was at the party she sees someone walkin towards her from the distance ans she thinks its toby that triggers the flashback , then wen its over and the guy gets closer its a totally dofferent guy we paused it and took a pic wit my fone. Ii googled it and i came across you posting and i read about the guy in the yearbook so we rewinded it and saw that it looks like the same guy! Why would the detective ask about him of he wasnt important? And after that he is never mentioned again or seen again from what i can remember, but now that we saw him we r gunna keep a lookout for him. Also the first guy who played Ian Thomas is Carlo Marks and he looks nothing like the guy from the yearbook or the guy from that night that spencer saw him at the party. If you go to the yearbook part and freeze it with my LCD TV you can see that his name begins with an A (thats wat it looks like to me) and his last name begins with a M
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