Kurt on Stage
Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 21
Original Air Date:

An untimely death takes center stage this week. Read on for a recap of "Funeral."

Distracted Megan Hunt
Watch Body of Proof Season 1 Episode 9
"Broken Home"
Original Air Date:

Megan's personal life gets in the way of the case this week, which focuses on the death of a young socialite.

Chuck Wedding Photo
Watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 24
"Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger"
Original Air Date:

It's all about taking down Vivian Volkoff on the season finale of Chuck. Read on for a full recap.

Stop, Ted!
Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 24
"Challenge Accepted"
Original Air Date:

Will Marshall be the victim of food poisoning? That's one of the questions this week's episode takes a long, hard look at.

Hawaii Five-O Finale Scene
Watch Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 24
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McGarrett gets closer to the truth about Wo Fat this week. Read on for a complete review of the season finale.

Castle Season Finale Pic
Watch Castle Season 3 Episode 24
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Beckett learns key intel regarding her mother's murder on this episode. Read on for a recap of the season finale.

Helping House
Watch House Season 7 Episode 22
"After Hours"
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House has surgery on this episode of House, as Wilson assists his pal and Cuddy remains worried about him. Also, Thirteen asks Chase for help.

Our Beloved GG Cast
Watch Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 22
"The Wrong Goodbye"
Original Air Date:

Season four wraps up with an explosive finale, including the return of Georgina Sparks and Constance Billard mean girls Kati and Isobel, plus cliffhangers!

Congrats, Seniors!
Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 22
"To the Future!"
Original Air Date:

It's graduation day! Read on for a recap of the 90210 season finale.

Loose Lips Scene
Watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3 Episode 22
"Loose Lips"
Original Air Date:

There's an uproar in town this week. It's over Adrian's impending baby shower.