As Frankie Reed
Watch CSI Season 11 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

Welcome to CSI, Katee Sackhoff! That actress debuted this week as a new detective, Frankie Reed. She assists the CSI team.

Drinks at Joe's
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 6
"These Arms of Mine"
Original Air Date:

A documentary film crew visits the hospital six months after the shooting to document the road to recovery for doctors and patients. What follows is a trip down memory lane, and not in a good way.

Lovely Addy
Watch Private Practice Season 4 Episode 6
"All in the Family"
Original Air Date:

Addison and Sam's relationship is strained; Pete and Charlotte are faced with the ethical dilemma; Violet crosses some boundaries with Pete's family; A character experiences a stunning tragedy.

The Irish Pub Formulation Scene
Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 6
"The Irish Pub Formulation"
Original Air Date:

A major secret abounds this week, as Leonard keeps quiet about an affair with Raj's sister. Will Sheldon keep the secret?

Untrusting Partner
Watch The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 6
"Pink Chanel Suit"
Original Air Date:

This week's case focuses on a murder inside a large family compound. Jane and Lisbon look into the matter.

Coon and Friends
Watch South Park Season 14 Episode 11
"The Coon 2: Hindsight"
Original Air Date:

Cartman forms a superhero group, Coon and Friends, and tries to take on the BP oil spill, but Captain Hindsight beats him to the punch.

Waiting for Zac Posen
Watch America's Next Top Model Season 15 Episode 8
"Zac Posen"
Original Air Date:

Zac Posen sits on the judging panel for this episode. The runway challenge is based around his 2010 collection.

Agua Caliente Scene
Watch Terriers Season 1 Episode 8
"Agua Caliente"
Original Air Date:

There's some trouble in Mexico this week. As a result, Hank and Britt both work with their ex-partners to get to the bottom of it.

Kelly S Throws A Ball
Watch Survivor Season 21 Episode 7
"What Goes Around, Comes Around"
Original Air Date:

Sash offers Marty a deal with the devil. Marty accepts, but was it the right move? We've got the entire episode recapped right here at TV Fanatic.

Mitchell as Spiderman
Watch Modern Family Season 2 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

It's Halloween on Modern Family! This is especially exciting for Claire, who adores the holiday. It's less fun for Mitchell, though, who has an awful day at work.