Emily Maynard for The Bachelorette
Watch The Bachelorette Season 8 Episode 10
"Men Tell All"
Original Air Date:

The men told all about Emily Maynard this week, as ABC aired its annual pre-finale special.

Raving on Teen Wolf
Watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

Scott and Stiles attempt to trap the shapeshifter on this episode of Teen Wolf, while Allison's mother crafts her own plan.

Boo's New Friend
Watch Bunheads Season 1 Episode 5
"Money For Nothing"
Original Air Date:

On Bunheads, Boo's friends are jealous when she gets close to an attractive bartender. Fanny's strange methods for handling her finances lead Michelle to offer her help.

PIerce Helps On a Case
Watch Perception Season 1 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

On Perception, Pierce is brought on board a murder investigation when the prime suspect has an unusual condition.

Army Wives Season 6 Scene
Watch Army Wives Season 6 Episode 17
"Hello Stranger"
Original Air Date:

Jackie's daughter visits from boarding school on this episode of Army Wives, while Tanya gets blamed for a patient's death.

Walt Investigates
Watch Longmire Season 1 Episode 7
"8 Seconds"
Original Air Date:

On Longmire, a vicious assault on a beer distributor stumps Walt. Is Vic's husband jealous of her and Walt's relationship?

A Possible Teen Murder
Watch Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Episode 7
Original Air Date:

On Drop Dead Diva, Jane steps in to defend someone she use to babysit who is now accused of murder. Then Jane gets devastating news about Owen.

Tom Mason in Action
Watch Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

The Falling Skies crew is in for a couple major surprises this week, as Weaver falls very ill and a character returns to the group.

Salome on True Blood
Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

The Authority comes after Bill and Eric when they lead them to Russell on this episode of True Blood. Roman, meanwhile, maps out a strategy for containing Russell.

Will McAvoy Pic
Watch The Newsroom Season 1 Episode 4
"I'll Try To Fix You"
Original Air Date:

Will finds himself in many precarious dating situations on this week's episode of The Newsroom, while a national tragedy concludes the hour.