Wes & Travis Investigate a Home Invasion Ring
Watch Common Law Season 1 Episode 5
"The T Word"
Original Air Date:

On Common Law, could Travis' foster brother be a part of a group of thieves pulling off home invasion robberies?

Alex Attempt To Save a Boy
Watch Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

On Saving Hope, Alex treats a sick boy with mysterious symptoms. A patient declines medical attention for religious reasons. Things heat up between two doctors at Hope Zion Hospital.

Anson Fullerton Photo
Watch Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 1
"Scorched Earth"
Original Air Date:

We open season six with Michael in pursuit of Anson. Elsewhere, Fiona is taken into custody.

Harvey Reconsiders
Watch Suits Season 2 Episode 1
"She Knows"
Original Air Date:

On the season two premiere of Suits, when Jessica's former partner reappears, Harvey begins to contemplate how far he'll go to protect Mike.

Divya Keeps Evan Quiet
Watch Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 2
"Imperfect Storm"
Original Air Date:

On Royal Pains, Jill's nephew has problems at summer camp and Hank tries to discover the cause of his behavior. Divya continues to have issues with her family.

Nico & Dani Evaluate T.K.
Watch Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 2
"To Swerve and Protect"
Original Air Date:

On Necessary Roughness, can TK prove he can still run after his injury and keep his bonus and a place on the team?

Patrick Duffy on Dallas
Watch Dallas Season 1 Episode 2
"Hedging Your Bets"
Original Air Date:

On Dallas, the plots to take over South Fork take a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Christopher's new bride may be keeping her own secrets.

Dallas Premiere Pic
Watch Dallas Season 1 Episode 1
"Changing of the Guard"
Original Air Date:

Family members gather for a wedding on the Dallas series premiere, as Ewings young and old dive into a family feud.

Jane Woos A Movie Star
Watch Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 12
"The Celebrity"
Original Air Date:

On Jane By Design, Jane and her team must convince a movie star to come on board in order to retain a big retail account.

Jared & Peter Defend Their Client
Watch Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

On Franklin & Bash, Jared and Peter defend a wannabe superhero. Peter's mother arrives with news and Pindar seeks Carmen's hap in battling his phobias.