Rob Riggle on Happy Endings
Watch Happy Endings Season 2 Episode 8
"Full Court Dress"
Original Air Date:

Rob Riggle guest stars on Happy Ending this week. He plays Dave and Brad's mailman.

It's Rubber Man!
Watch American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 8
"Rubber Man"
Original Air Date:

Who is Rubber Man? That major question is answered on this week's episode of American Horror Story.

Annie and Danielle
Watch Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 14
"Horse to Water"
Original Air Date:

Annie keeps an eye on the daughter of a traitorous CIA analyst this week. The CIA thinks this knows something about her father.

Poor Opie
Watch Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 12
"Burnt and Purged Away"
Original Air Date:

The Irish make their presence felt on Sons of Anarchy this week. SAMCRO must negotiate with them in order to secure the club's future.

Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo Picture
Watch NCIS Season 9 Episode 10
"Sins of the Father"
Original Air Date:

After Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. is found in a car with a dead body in the trunk and no memory of the previous night, the NCIS team must figure out if he is capable of murder.

A Parenthood Family Portrait
Watch Parenthood Season 3 Episode 10
"Mr. Honesty"
Original Air Date:

Crosby and Jasmine help Jabbar understand their relationship this week. Elsewhere, Amber has concerns about her future.

A 90210 Thanksgiving
Watch 90210 Season 4 Episode 10
"Smoked Turkey"
Original Air Date:

Dixon goes after Adrianna this week, while Ivy and Raj keep arguing. Liam, meanwhile, plans a dinner for the 90210 gang.

Marty Deeks Picture
Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 Episode 10
"The Debt"
Original Air Date:

The 10th episode of Season 3 of NCIS: Los Angeles. Recap, review and synopsis to come soon!

Barney is Here!
Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 11
"The Rebound Girl"
Original Air Date:

Ted and Barney contemplate a major life decision this week. Read on for a HIMYM recap.

A 2 Broke Girls Thanksgiving
Watch 2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 10
"And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving"
Original Air Date:

Caroline and Max spend the holidays together this week, broke. They work at a department store to extra cash.