Shelby Corcoran Returns
Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 2
"I Am Unicorn"
Original Air Date:

Welcome back, Idina Menzel! Shelby Corcoran makes her return to Glee on this episode.

Jess and Her Men
Watch New Girl Season 1 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

The guys help Jess get her stuff out of her ex's apartment this week, while Lamorne Morris debuts as new roommate Winston.

Marty Deeks Pic
Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 Episode 2
"Cyber Threat"
Original Air Date:

The NCIS team joins forces with the NSA to find the creator of a software program linked to a cyber attack against the Department of Defense.

Running Siblings
Watch The Big C Season 2 Episode 13
"Crossing The Line"
Original Air Date:

Lee may be dead, but Cathy is inspired as a result. She celebrates the New Year on the season finale of The Big C.

The Angry Son
Watch Weeds Season 7 Episode 13
"Do Her/Don't Do Her"
Original Air Date:

Silas turns the tables on Nancy on the season seven finale. Doug, meanwhile, schemes to keep his hedge fund career alive.

Nina vs. Rosen
Watch Alphas Season 1 Episode 11
"Original Sin"
Original Air Date:

Red Flag escalates the war this week. It's the season finale of Alphas.

All Suited Up
Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 3
"Ducky Tie"
Original Air Date:

Ted meets an old flame this week, one he had cheated on. Meanwhile, Barney places a wager with Lily and Marshall.

Playboy Bunnies
Watch The Playboy Club Season 1 Episode 2
"The Scarlet Bunny"
Original Air Date:

Nick starts to work his way into the election race on the second episode of The Playboy Club.

Beckett and Castle at Work
Watch Castle Season 4 Episode 2
"Heroes & Villains"
Original Air Date:

Beckett & Castle track down a vigilante named Lone Vengeance through the city and make some headway with Captain Gates.

Cleaning Up Walden
Watch Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 2
"People Who Love Peepholes"
Original Air Date:

It's the second half of the Two and a Half Mn season premiere event. We meet Walden's ex-wife this week.