Arrow Exclusive Poster
This exclusive poster has been released in anticipation of next week's Arrow. Looks like it's going to be an awesome episode!


��������親指素敵 データ ������|�����り��。����る�も��| 余分も�� | | ウェブログ�����を��戻���る。 グッ�アウトレット通販

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Arrow Quotes

Oliver Queen is dead, eventually to be reborn as Ra's al Ghul. For now, only the Arrow, Al Sah-him, shall remain. Al Sah-him, Heir to the Demon.

Ra's al Ghul

Ray: Advanced Technology Operating Mechanism. ATOM.
Felicity: What are you going to use it for?
Ray: To protect the people of this city. And I want you to help.
Felicity: Why does this keep happening to me?