B, G, C, and N
Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester and guest star Michelle Trachtenberg film scenes in March 2009.

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They can make great Alice (Georgina), Rosalie (Blair), Emmett (chuck) and Jasper (Nate) in Twilight. :))


Wow, Ed is very, very good looking. I thought Vanessa and Chuck "get together" to try and break up Nate and Blair, their respective exes that their both still in love with. That and the writers tend to put real couples of GG (which there are many) together just for kicks. Georgina just is a little nutty and comes back all "cured" of bitchiness. She was "saved"!


lol yeh wud b interestin !!!!!
cnt wait to see wat they do next


Adelle - I'm with you. I almost want Chuck to hook up with Georgina, just because. It would make some great drama, and of course, make you-know-who jealous!


If Nate and Blair are alrdy back when this ep airs then i'm sure Chuck is gonna hook up with Georgie.


This pic has me so happy! I'm not sure why. But I love it.

Blair cornelia archibald

me thinks C has spotted Elle.


Wonder what the hell this scene is about?


Eeeek! I'm sooo excited, seriously, i'm counting down the hours now, even though i'll be watching it a day later than everyone in the U.S.A!
(from The emerald isle (ireland) b.t.w!)


i miss blair's darker shade curls.

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