Blake Lively Birthday Party Picture
Blake Lively recently turned 21 and the whole cast (plus actor James Franco) is seen here in this picture sharing in the good times.

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omg, that is so funny that whoever posted this pic is saying that is actor James Franco. What an idiot. That is "Serena's" new love interest that is coming up on GG.


aww happy bday you gorgeous, GORGEOUS girl!


its serena newboyfriend aaron rose..


i'm sorry but that looks nothing like JAMES FRANCO on the far left!


iran esfahan


it looks to me like this was a Gatsby themed party...hence then 1920's-esque flapper dresses and headbands.


Did you all see the issue of life&style?? Does anyone know where she got that amazing headpiece shes wearing?? I see headbands all over the place but I've never seen anything like that!


Connor, But where is Taylor? Having her hair cut?

Grace  tommy

Hey I love this photo but eric (dont kno his name)
looks a bit wierd no offense why would you were that to a 21st b-day parti ?

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