Don kisses Betty on the dance floor at Margaret's wedding. She'll later tell him she felt nothing when this happened.
Betty and Don sit for dinner at Margaret's wedding. It was an awkward occasion for everyone involved.
The Drapers almost look like a normal family here, don't they? Going forward, perhaps they will be.
Is this the scene that changes the Draper marriage forever? Betty confronts Don about his past.
Don is proud that he is receiving recognition at the Sterling Cooper anniversary party. Betty? Not as much.
Betty and Don weren't really themselves during a trip to Rome. They played the role of a couple that just met.
When in Rome, dress like this apparently. Betty took full advantage of her vacation away from her normal life in "Souvenir."
Henry Francis is just walking with Betty in this photo. In a few minutes, he'll kiss her.

Mad Men Quotes

Joan: I thought about it and I'm sending my son away.
Richard: What?
Joan: No, I thought about what you said and I like you, too. And if I have to choose between you and my son, I choose you.
Richard: That's not what I said.
Joan: That's exactly what you said.
Richard: Well, I thought about it and I want to be a part of your life and your little boy, too.
Joan: I live with my mother and I've been divorced. Twice.
Richard: I'm buying some property in New York. Where do you live?
Joan: Twelfth Street.
Richard: OK. I'm not going to buy property down there [laughs], but I'm going to get a place in a nice neighborhood by the park and you're going to visit. All of you.

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