Nick gathers the entire team, including Wu in order to find Monroe on Grimm. "Tribunal" is the tenth episode of the show's fourth season.
Capt. Renard and Adalind talk over coffee on Grimm. "Red Menace" is the ninth episode of the show's third season.
Sasha Roiz takes aim here as Captain Renard. The shot is courtesy of the Grimm episode "Organ Grinders."
Captain Renard comes from a descendant of Grimm royalty.

Grimm Quotes

I think there is a choice, even when there appears to be none. But it's the reaction that determines whether the choice is good or bad, not the person who makes it.


Adalind: Don't you see what's going on?!
Renard [confused]: I thought I did!
Adalind: You *moron*! It's our daughter! She's doing this, not us!
Renard: What are you talking about?! Diana?!
Adalind: Oh, God, do you *really* think that I just all of a sudden decided you were the hottest guy on Earth and couldn't wait to take my clothes off and hop into bed with you!?
Renard [somewhat sheepishly]: Well, I am the new mayor.
Adalind: *I* didn't vote for you.