This is all confusing. Nathan's mind is in Sylar's body, while Sylar's mind is sometimes in Parkman's body.
Hands up, you two! Actually, this is the same person. Sylar is just a part of Parkman on season four of Heroes.
Parkman and Sylar - who are really the same person - run in to trouble during the Heroes episode "Shadowboxing."
Parkman tries to interview a suspect during this scene. But it's difficult when Sylar is in his head.
Matt Parkman cradles his cute baby in this photo from Heroes. He's doing the best he can to be a good father.
Parkman makes a difficult decision during the third season finale. But he does it all for love.
Danko does his best to calm Sylar down in this scene. Good luck with that, dude.
Little Matt Parkman is held by his father in this scene from Heroes. We hope these two get a lot of time to bond in the future.

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Can you ever escape?

Mohinder Suresh

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