Sheldon, Howard and Raj start celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4th.
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Emily and Raj share a romantic moment on The Big Bang Theory.
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Penny fits right in with the gang as they sit down to eat their signature food... Chinese takeout.
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Leonard, Sheldon and Raj sit on the couch at Penny's Halloween Party all dresses in costume.
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Raj has every reason to be smiling in bed as he lays next to a woman he took to bed with him. Go Raj!
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As Leonard and Raj go to get Wolowitz from his house for their Halo team they overhear his mother fighting with his new girlfriend.
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Looks like Sheldon, Raj and Wolowitz were clearly too busy for their group dinner date with Penny. They have important things to do... like play Jenga!
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Penny meets Raj and Wolowitz in the pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory. Wolowitz will begin his lifetime of sleazily hitting on her while Wolowitz is unable to talk to her.
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TBBT Quotes

Sheldon: Are you still mad about the sperm bank?
Leonard: No!
Sheldon: Do you want to hear an interesting thing about stairs?
Leonard: Not really.
Sheldon: If the height of a single step is off by as little as two millimeters most people will trip.
Leonard: I don't care—two millimeters?! That doesn't seem right.
Sheldon: No, it's true! I did a series of experiments when I was twelve; my father broke his clavicle.

Penny, there's only one cookie with something in the middle that solves life's problems, and that's an Oreo. Or a Nutter Butter, if you're in a pinch.