Sookie is pregnant. This is the way True Blood decided to wrap up.
Rest in peace, Bill Compton. Sookie helps stab the love of her life in the chest.
Bill is dead. But all ends up being right in the world of True Blood.
Bill kisses Sookie for the final time in this scene from the terrible series finale of True Blood.
Sookie is smiling! But will she still be smiling when True Blood draws to a close?
What will Sookie decide? This is a photo from the True Blood series finale?
Sookie can't let go of Bill. This is a scene from the True Blood series finale.
I have to save you! Sookie will do whatever she can to keep Bill alive.

True Blood Quotes

Pam: You picking up what I'm putting down?
Lafayette: Yes.
Pam: Good, I'll be back tomorrow for the money.

Will you be my vampire bride?

Franklin [to Tara]

True Blood Music

  Song Artist
Good behaviour Good Behaviour Powersolo iTunes
Pistol whip me Pistol Whip Me Acumen Nation iTunes
Crazed country rebel Crazed Country Rebel Hank Williams III iTunes