Chuck Bass Gay?
Is Chuck Bass going gay on Gossip Girl with guest star Neal Bledsoe? That is the rumor going around. What do you think of it?

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why would the show ruin his charatcer he is a ladies men they dont kiss boys and i know some so they usaually feel weird around gay boys but like gay girls


It's not true. I'm sure it's just a rumor, he's to damn hot and his character in the series is a lady's man. so, no way he could be gay ;)


sure the chuck bass character in the books is gay, but the character on the show is so much better, yeah he'll be locking lips with another dude but it's just a scheme that blair planned.


I think the writers would be murdered by angry GG fans if they made Chuck gay, so i don't think its gunna happen, well i hope not !


Nooooo! This can't be true! In the books is the character of Chuck already ruined.
I love Blair&Chuck together!
They belong to eachother!


He can't be gay!!!!!!! Noooooo!
Blair and Chuck are meant to be!


It's about time Chuck got true to character. Now all he needs is a monkey on his shoulder...

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