Curly Taylor
Taylor Momsen on the set of Gossip Girl in March 2009, sporting yet another outstanding hairstyle.

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i love her hair, so cute ! but she looks like a child, haha


I think she is so so pretty but personally i don't think this is the best of photos of her sorry x


LOL she looks like Taylor Swift. And I don't mean that in a good way.
Jenny in the books, from the two or three I've read, was a much more original chracter. Not only did she look the complete opposite of Taylor Momsen, she wasn't half as annoying, and there was something original and sparkling about her. They totally destroyed that image.


WELCOME TO 2009, fifteen year olds with hair that a 25 year old would have ! jeeezz....


I would say that the casting director was probably on crack when they hired TM. She's a great model, she has the complete look to pull off that job, and she is an acceptable actress, but, I don't know, I just don't think she's right for the role of Jenny. Maybe she was the only one who showed up for casting, haha, I dunno..As for this, it's great that she has a "look", models need that, GG, however, does not need you.


wow her face looks like a pekinese dog haha. i totally agree, she looks like the love child of courteny love and gary busey!


She looks a little like Debbie Harry with that hair! I like it. :P


taylor is so not right for her role as jenny. jenny is supposed to be a curvy, not model-thin or model-tall, pretty short infact, with a huge rack, the complete opposite of momsen. obviously, she's not ugly, but she isn't as stunning and gorgeous as everyone seems to think.


poodle hair. I like her outfit, though!


You're wrong; she doesn't look very good.

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