Ed, Clemence
Ed Westwick and Clemence Poesy on the set of Gossip Girl. Looks like romance for Chuck and Eva ...

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it kinda looks like the size of a watch-box. but why would chuck give a catier - watch to his love interest ?!?! but well-hell. it's not blair, so why not send her something more inappropriate XD


looks like she's holding a ring.

Uche bass

y does chuck get to be happy and in a relationship and blair doesn't! so WRONG!


Oooo what's in the box Chuck?

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Gossip Girl Quotes

Serena: It doesn't make sense!
Blair: Feelings never do. They get you all confused. Then they drive you around for hours before they drop you right back where you started.

We make our own fortunes, and call them fate. And what better excuse to choose a path than to insist it's our destiny? But at the end of the day, we all have to live with our choices ... no matter who's looking over our shoulder.

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