Ed Westwick Smiles
Look at this guy. How can you not love him? Ed Westwick flashes a winning smile on the set of Gossip Girl in November 2008.

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anni you have no taste


I'll take him!! lol


i love his coat. does anyone know what it is?


anni, how could u hate him.
hes so adorable with blair...even though he sometimes
doesnt show it. He is so cute.
i really love his character because he trully loves blair, and he cares about others [nate]. i love love love ed westwick/chuck


hate him..


omg he is so hot
but i dont like that coat on him
i way prefer his traffic cone orange one
he's still so hot thought
xoxo gossip girl
p.s i love chiar they are so meant to be..


eww he looks like a pig


He's so pale - vampire pale


Awww...I like him smiling for a change. But that coat makes him look kinda chunky!


Ugh. I don't like it when he smiles. He's better-looking when he's scowling.

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