G Wants a Hug
Leighton Meester and guest star Michelle Trachtenberg film scenes for Gossip Girl in March 2009. Georgina Sparks wants a hug from Chuck Bass!

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I must say, I love G's shoes!


i bet blair is going to get really jealous of georgina spending time with chuck


georgie is expecting a hug from chuck and blair is looking @ georgie like yeah chuck hug the psycho no harm...pffft HAHAHAHAHAH


Well... Someone's finally upped her dosage...


She trying to hug chuck!You can see in some other pics!


I love it - she is definitely crushing on Chuck, and pretending to be more like Blair. Love it. It's gonna be too funny. OR maybe her and Chuck will pretend to be a couple (even funnier) and she'll help him get Blair back!

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