Cristina reacts after apparently belting a home run. Or at least making some solid contact.

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i want to download the music of grey`s anatomy but i cant find a link does any one know any link???????????????????


WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! yea they did a really nice job of hiding ellens baby bump! Can't WAIT to see the baseball scene!!!!


That's meredith on the far left in the blue right, and this was filmed before her maternal leave so shouldn't there be a baby bump? They seem to have hidden it REALLY WELL or the pic is just not clear.


Way to go CRISTINA!!!!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Paranoia gives you an edge in the OR. Surgeons play out worst-case scenarios in their heads. You're ready to close, you got the bleeder. You know it but there's that voice in your head asking. What if you didn't? What if the patient dies and you could have prevented it? So you check your work one more time before you close. Paranoia is a surgeon's best friend.

Meredith (narrating)

Cristina: That list is everything - it is my future. It is my salvation. The list is life.
Owen: You're comparing the merger with Schindler's List?
Cristina: I'm Jewish. I'm allowed.