Gossip Girl Prom Pics
Some sneak peeks at the Gossip Girl prom, courtesy of Us Weekly.

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Love B's dress. Definitely Prom Queen worthy. And definitely something I'd like to wear.


B is a rel head-turner.. i love her as well as her dress.. i just do.. :))


Blair and Nate Blair and Nate...c'mon people Chuck is supposed to be womanizer


when will this be?


blair waldorf is totally amazing. however i truly wished she would have been with chuck bass.


oh i love love love blair's gown. she looks soo good with nate =)


They both looked so gorgeous!
Serena looked simple yet very elegant. She looked really fabulous than ever. She was like a graceful princess ready to be swept away by her prince!
Blair was just so stunningly, breath-takingly, heart-stoppingly beautiful. She's the epitome of beauty. She's not only the 'Prom Queen', that's an understatement! She's also a goddess.
I'm really excited with the upcoming episodes! I hope they turn out really fantastic especially since it's already their senior year. Prom, graduation and the C/B awaited moment should be the highlight and the best scenarios of the season!


queen B. are so perfect.


I love Blair's dress. I would love Serena's but I feel like we've seen a lot of very similar dresses on her before. The '80s theme with the posse is hilarious. I love how they're all pink and orange colors.


Wow. Im speechless. These dresses are just breath taking. I wish i could get my hands on dresses like those! *envy* Im so excited for the episode, on May 11! krjneksjnrgjkenkgjrndrktgnkrdnthjknrnthkjfthkfntkjyhkthk Onto another season....

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