Infeld the Inmate
Infeld is accused of murder on the season finale of Franklin & Bash. At least he knows some good lawyers.


I'm not the hugest fan of TnT's tieher, but we need a place that has the feasibility to accomodate the possibility of having a large group of people show up. While Sullivans is a nice place and Sully is one of my favorite are restaurant people, for the half dozen times I've been in the place (including a Sunday and Monday night) if 20 bloggers showed up, I don't know where they would put us. Personally, I don't care where as long as it can reasonably accomodate us.

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Franklin & Bash Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Perhaps another athlete will text photos of his genitals. Wipe this mess off the front page.


Carmen: How did we spend $200 on handkerchiefs?
Jared: I'm studying magic.