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Here is James Scott... shirtless! Not bad, right, ladies?

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how can you not love that james scott hot hot hot even i want him not just nicole and sami


I have been watching day's since I was little an haven't stopped yet. You rock playing EJ D. If I may say so my self I love my D. I love Stefeno an you an tony an all. It was my dream when an still is to be able to meet every one of you. Like I have said I have been watching you all or should I say Day's for my whole life just about for 38yrs. Take care an keep up the Awsome work an I love that stefeno char. Every one your doing awsome keep up the good work. Your Friend
Shawna Paine


i realy like u asa a actor? also my favourit person? ne day i would like 2 meet u?

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Good things come to those who drink.


If it weren't for poor, little, slutty Abby, if you wouldn't have had sex with her none of this would have happened.