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Jen and Liam
You suck, Jen! Naomi's sister continues to make life miserable for Liam.

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dont worry the hell is so near for jen!!


god i hate jen .. it's kind of sily of how much we are obsside with the freakin series but the drama reALLY makes ya wanna know more about the photo .. i still hate jen and i don't wish liam get back to nAMoi any more coz he is soo not worth it .. and i want naomi to know the truth am kind of expecting some ASS kicking LoL

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90210 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I don't do well under pressure. This is why I couldn't be a spy. I get all hive-y and honest.


Dixon: Navid, my friend, I am living the dream.
Navid: Dixon, my friend, you are living a lie.