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Kelly Rutherford on the set of Gossip Girl. So good to have her back!

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beautiful dress!:)
but even more beautiful with a much fuller bo0bs;P


@ Queeny : LOL that's exactly what i thought when i saw that picture! she usually has bigger boobs, they look so flat, maybe that's because she's breastfeeding, i guess... i don't know...


kelly, what happened to your....... boobs?


Lilac-my thoughts exactly. I still like purple+golden though.


The color is nice and it is a pretty dress but not for her. It seems too tight, her belly looks weird and the boobs seem smaller and droopy. It is actually a very unflattering dress for her body.


The color of this dress is PERFECT! Lily's dress is better than Serena's or Blair's printed dresses in this set of photos.


kelly looks stunning! love the dress

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