Leighton, Ed and ...
... is that a newcomer? Who is the girl with them? Blake?

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Dont care who the blond is, only care about CHAIR!!!


the girls name is ashley hinshaw....a pretty well known model- starting to do alot of acting work. she has been pretty big in the modeling industry


Chuck does look taller--maybe it's the hair? lol


was up with those flipflops on blair...totaly not her AT ALL


I love Chuck's new look (the hair). Much better!!


probably the blonde girl would either be
- a double for Serena (oooh, she's obviously shorter)
- just one of the "one-night-stand" girls of Chuck
- guesting appearance of modern Pocahontas in NY... hahaha


Definitely not Blake! She'd be taller
And nicer! What's that girl wearinh?!?! She looks like pocahontas xD


Is it just me or did Ed get taller? I swear he looked shorter in season 1 than he has in season 2 and in this pic.
From season 1:


lol suspenders matching w/ socks, ahahahahah

Ivana im a filthy youth

I really hope it's just someone who works on set.

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