Leighton in the Mirror
Leighton Meester gives us a view of both of her beautiful sides in this GQ picture. We can't get enough.

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slut? is that slut for you? OMG!!! you are too naive!!! she has a good figure so she should flaunt it.... just becoz she has everything doesn't mean she can't do that... as a matter of fact she's perfect... she's successful, she's clever, she has her face and she has a gorgeous body... so why slut??? well... don't get insecure guys.. just get Jenny Craig's so you have same level with her...

Jdore chair

blair waits for C...


she looks super hot in this photo. too bad most people's brains don't get the fact that she is NOT blair. Duh she plays that role in gg but is leighton in real life, so she has a life of her own & does not live inside the t.v ok? alrigt....


Ffs people its a magazine spread for a guys magazine ! Your caring way too much about something that probably half the people commenting here will never look aat in GQ and I'm sure most guys wouldn't have a problem with it either. A majority of the industry is male, loads of women do this sort of thing. She's of an acceptable age so chill out guys!


well ofcourse she looks pretty but i like her in headbands and classy dresses :)


wow ! In this foto, she rocks !
She looks wildly sexy and stuning
Stop saying that she's a slut, man !
Well... Let's support her


What's wrong with you? Doing sexy pictures doesn't make her a slut! She's got a hot body, why not to show of? she's not walking down the street like this and doing pictures like these doesn't mean she sleeps with someone for money, cuz that's what SLUTS do! Doubt she does that...


WOW shes hot. i cant believe this makes her a slut no it doesnt. GIRL POWER woooooooooow. blake sucks


there is nothing wrong w/ this photo. she's gorgeous and doesn't look like a slut. everybody can use outfit like that without making them a slut and so Leighton.


how does taking sexy pictures make her a slut? and shes twenty three, im pretty sure she mature enough to do whatever she wants. and besides its not like shes naked? sheesh some of you guys need to chill.

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