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Matthew Settle of Gossip Girl attends the premiere of Twelve. A lot of the stars made it. Good to see Matthew among them!

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Anabel, thats sad to hear, but I believe this. He is a guy who only loves fun, girls, action... but no reponsible. His wife was so much younger but believe me, she is much more adult than this wannabe "Peter Pan".
He seems like he have ADHD or something in this kind...So it sounds crazy but he needs help. Otherwise he will cause much trouble in the life of the people who love or like him.
There was a time where I liked him really, although he was always a little bit crazy. But now he seems totally selfish and he doesn's see how ridiculous he is. Its a shame that he doesn't think how he hurts his still-wife and his daughter!

Anabel cornelia

Gossip girl set*

Anabel cornelia

I saw him on the Gossip girl a weeks ago, and took a photo with him, but let me tell you that he is VERY RUDE !
He was talking with a girl, when I said ¨Excuseme¨, he kept talking with the girl and completely ignored me, and i was like, helloo ? im here, im a fan !
I was very disappointed about him, but now i know that i cant believe in appearance


@World4girls: yeah and i don't like the way he's parading that girl at events and even on the GG set while he's not even divorced yet (just separated i think) CLASSY! at least he could file for divorce! he also seems like he wants to get some press like all of his costars get, but no one is interested in him and his private life lol.
i don't know every time i read/watch interviews or see pics of him (which is really rare thanks god) that makes me cringe.


well said, xoxo. I have nothing against couples with age differences - if it works. I liked his family. But he seems to have a problem to be loyal and has a lot of probs with his age. He seems totally selfish, very sad. I know really much but of course not all. But its scary. Without being a doc I had to say that he needs a therapy. Like so many others in "Hollywood". Time to be an aduld...
There are many girls who think he looks hot now. totally against that. He looks very strange now. A man who loves...himself


gosh i really dislike him, midlife crisis much? how old is his new girl, 25? eww! and you're almost 41 for god's sake, stop dressing like your younger costars! BTW World4girls, you seem to know some gossips about him, bother to share? i'm curious lol


annoying. left with three girls a party and his italian chick looks so cheap. Well...not cheap for him because some girls are only quiet if you buy them gifts.


Popped collar and no socks. Matt caught the preppy bug.

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