Michelle and Chris
Michelle Trachtenberg and Chris Riggi on the set of Gossip Girl in August 2009. What do you think they are up to here?

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LOL dani! You're comment made me laugh! Funnily, I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw this pic.
Mmm I hope Georgina steals little Scottie away from Vanessa. :) Go G!!


what the hell is she wearing.. i would not team that hideous dress with them sandals expecially with her neing so pale its awful.. sorry M xxx


What is she wearing!?


I really like her! She has such a beautiful face, but her legs and her feet are just horrible, sry M!


i like michelle and i think she is pretty, but I don't like those sandals with that dress...


I can't get over how pale she is, she is as white as a piece of paper!


G looks good!

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