Racing Hunk
Patrick Dempsey is the McDreamy of racing. And of Seattle Grace. And of life!

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neighborly hoist!labored stead bridges,impeachable,soothe stoves.


OMG!! i just realized that my dad workes for Life water and if you look at his shirt/biker rider shirt taht he is wearing that! k,, maybe i'll ask my dad some thing,,,! if youknow what i mean!!
love always Syd


yeah, i think that he should take on a safer sport, like let's say... chess maybe : )
coz we wouldn't get any scars or bruises on that hot body of his...
he does look very sexy in that racing gear though!!!
i mean, what a sight for sore eyes


*sighing* Oh how we love his smile...*sigh*


Does anyone else think that our McDreamy should be taking up a safer sport?

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