Real-Life Boyfriend-Girlfriend
Penn Badgley and Blake Lively have been going strong in real life for some time, even as Dan and Serena have not. Wonder if there's a correlation there ...

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n who would want pur pretty gal bak wid dat humphrey who dumped her for that georgina for god sake nooooooooooo..n he doesnt look good at all.the only man who looks gud wid serena is nate


i loved them in season 1 but after that georgina thing i started hating dan..and now i want serena n nate to b together in this season...and i just can help loving serena and her innoscent smile :)


i dont think dan and serena are gonna be back together ever, thank god! they are so boring plus dan is so judgmental but look at what he's becoming! and serena just deprives herself from doing the things she loves for dan. that's just too much. and dan is ugly! i don't get what Blake sees in him! and the whole we-share-a-sibling is just too weird!


i want serena and dan back 2gether pls pls


i want serena and dan back together pls


I love them.. wish they were 2gether @ the show as well... will they, by the way???
I HATE her with Carter.. :/


OH pleasee get these two back together some time in the future!!!
their chemistry is too good for playing sisters and brothers!!!


Bring Derena back plzzzz

Laura  no1 gossip girl fan

how cute....
i want thses to get together in gossip girl..... hopefully


Thats a great hat Penn! Love you 2 (:

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