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Serious Dad-to-Be
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Mark is a very serious father to be.

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    Maybe 'coz he is sad in his head. Grow up Mark & find someone who'd want to build a real family with you!


    Mark looks sad.


    What has become of Lexie? Sloan is harsh in his treatment of her.He is only concerned with his own gratification. Hope Lexie finds someone really great who meets her needs.


    Maybe it's better if there's no baby, Mark is bloody suffocating, I'm not anywhere near & still feel claustrophobic. There's no way he's not gonna butt in in Callie & Az's relationship & decision making about the baby.Maybe he is gonna be a good dad but he's sure has got a shitty attitude towards Az, no wonder she doesn't like him, the feeling is mutual. He's gotta go, don't know where just get rid of him.


    I love his eyes . They're just so green and magical , I could get lost in them . I do think Mark would be a great dad . Since he didn't get the chance to really be there for Sloan Riley I hope he'll have a better chance with this one . . . That is , of course , unless Shonda decides to kill the baby .