Alistair and Rebecca look a bit frightened as they confront a mob of people.
This looks to be Alistair, Rebecca Reynold's beast.
It looks like we'll get a glimpse at Rebecca Reynolds in the Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Finale.
Rebecca is being escorted by an angry mob in "Deja Vu."
Well hello Alistair and Rebecca! History does repeat itself!
A nice public place for Vincent to meet the beastly Gabe.
Vincent at the pool table, talking with the enemy in "Deja Vu."
Vincent looks pretty sexy in the morning with his open robe.

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

OK. Mock me all you want, but I'm telling you, history is repeating itself.


Cat: It's really strange isn't it, just sitting here, not dodging manhunts or the media or other beasts.
Vincent: Gabe.
Cat: I honestly think he tried to do the right thing, to make amends, he just couldn't.
Vincent: Well, I don't think any beast can, at least none that we've come up against. You know sooner or later, we all cross the line somehow.
Cat: You didn't and neither did Alistair.
Vincent: True, but that's because we both had someone who loved us very much. I'm serious, how else would you explain it? You know Catherine, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here right now. I'd just be like all the others.
Cat: What do I get out of it?
Vincent: One kick-ass boyfriend slash bodyguard. (both laugh) And you know, a destined love.
Cat: Oh that. I'll take it.