It's the Burn Notice team! This is a photo from the episode "Means & Ends."
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Michael and Sam are on the trail of Anson when Burn Notice returns in the summer of 2012. This is a scene from "Scorched Earth."
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Michael helps an injured Sam on the latest Burn Notice. "Under the Gun" is the fourth episode of the show's sixth season.
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Who doesn't love Bruce Campbell in the role of Sam Axe? It's almost like the character was written for him.
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Nate and Michael make for a handsome pair, don't they? The former is back on the episode "Brotherly Love."
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What will season four hold for Michael and Sam? The two are seen here on the premiere episode.
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Michael and Jesse have some pretty major issues to work out. They try to do so on the summer 2010 final of Burn Notice.
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Is it getting hotter in here, or is this Burn Notice poster? It's a promo photo for season four of the show.
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Burn Notice Quotes

Michael: I'm going to need to borrow your uniform
Guard: You've got to be kidding
Sam: Ohhh see that look, that look means he's not kidding.

I'm here and I'm sorry.


Burn Notice Music

  Song Artist
Song Fun In The Islands Rene Van Verseveld
Song Synthetic Beat Chamber
Song CMP5131 Out Of Range Noizy Ninja